Kara-1, Dogs-0

When I feed my chickens, I just scatter their food on the ground so they can peck and scratch at it like chickens naturally would. I scoop the food out of the big container with a small blue bowl, and the chickens know what that bowl means.  When they see me carrying it, they chase after me.

Well, the dogs like to eat the chicken food.  When they think we aren’t looking, they go over and eat it off of the ground.  We have tried scolding them over and over again, and they just keep eating it.  I finally got fed up b/c the dogs were eating all of the chickens’ food.  Today I put cayenne pepper in the food.  Chickens can’t taste pepper, so they don’t mind it at all.  The dogs were a different story.  LOL

Simon was the first to have a snack.  He took one lick, stood there for a second, and then he started to smack his mouth.  A couple minutes later he was laying on the ground, scratching his tongue with his foot.  haha!  Olive tried it also, stood there for a sec, then just turned around and walked away.  They each came back a second time but just sniffed and walked on.  So far, they haven’t come back or tried to eat it again.  Maybe this will finally keep them from eating the chickens’ food so the chickens can actually eat it.

Sorry pups, that isn’t for you!!


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