I swear that our cat Walter was a dog in a previous life and was reincarnated as a cat.  He LOVES dog bones and dog chewies.  It’s so funny!  Tonight I was getting ready to take a shower so I got out some new dog bones to give them because I put them in their kennel if I can’t watch them.  I cut the packages open and was getting ready to put the dogs away, when Walter jumped up and started licking on one of the bones.  HAHA!

He also loves their granulated rawhide chewies.  He chews on these all the time.  My husband gave him his own chewie tonight.  😉

Isn’t he handsome??  ❤

I don’t want to leave Nora and Thomas out, now do I?  Here are a couple pictures of them.

Nora the princess

Not happy with having her picture taken

Thomas the Fatty

Can you tell he likes to hog the food?  lol


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