Mrs. Turtle

Today my husband was mowing the yard, and he came across a rock.  At least he thought it was a rock, until it started to move. It was a box turtle, moving as quick as a turtle can to get away from the mower.  He picked it up and brought it inside so we could show it to our son.

We stuck it in a plastic tub and gave it a carrot and a piece of celery in case it got hungry.  (I tried giving it a bug, but it wasn’t interested. lol)  I went on with my business, and after a while I looked over and our cat Nora was staring at it very intently.  She was enthralled. Ignore my boxes of fabric, I was sewing this weekend and haven’t put them back yet.  😉  She was very sweet and never tried to bite us.  She liked to hide under the towel in the tub.

Once our son got home and had a chance to look at the turtle, we put her back where she was found so she could go home.  She stood there for a few seconds, then she took off, obviously heading for a specific place.  She knew where she was going, and she was in a hurry to get there.

It was nice to meet you Mrs. Turtle!  Have a great life!!


5 thoughts on “Mrs. Turtle

  1. I LOVE these photos! The turtle is adorable, and Nora….she looks very interested in what Mr. Turtle was up to. Nicely done.

  2. Hey new to your blog was routed here via
    just FYI thats a Mrs. Turtle 🙂 the brown eyes on that eastern box give it away 🙂 i have several captive breed boxies over here on the W. Coast 🙂

  3. usually males easterns will have red eyes and most yellow coloring on the front legs and head 🙂 the best thing you could have doen for the turt and the ecosystem/ wild population was to let it go i applaud you 🙂 i would have had a hard time with it as i “love” em so much 🙂

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