Well, I lost my first chicken.

My chickens free range, which means that they aren’t penned up or confined in a small run during the day.  They sleep in a coop every night, but each morning they are let out and they have free run of our 5 acre property.  They get their fill of whatever bugs and plants they can find, and they tend to stay fairly close to our house.  They love it!  I also keep water and feed up on our patio for them to have whenever they want to.  I know there are risks to letting my chickens free range, though.

This morning I noticed that they were at their feeder, so I went over to the window to watch them.  Whenever I see them I always do a head count, just a habit I’ve picked up.  Today I came up one short.  My smallest chicken was missing.  We went out to look for her but we didn’t find any sign of her.  Occasionally one of them will get separated, but they will usually put up a holler if they do.  The missing chick was one of the loudest ones, especially when it comes to that.  Today, though…no one was hollering.

I knew that a hawk probably got her because there was no sign of her anywhere (no feathers, blood, etc), but my son spent all day looking for her.  I knew we weren’t going to find her when the other six came up for bed and she wasn’t with them.  I’m sad, but mostly disappointed because she was my only female Black Copper Maran.  She was a very sweet bird, I was looking forward to seeing her as an adult.  She was so soft and her feathers were getting such a pretty blue/purple sheen to them, and the feathers on her feet were oh so adorable.

I just hope she didn’t suffer much.

So sorry Itty Bitty!

Sweet little bird

Hanging out in the yard

Helping in the garden

With "Mama"


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