I’m completely fascinated by all of the creatures we have out here in the country.  When we lived in the suburbs we really didn’t find that many.  The vast varieties of spiders are the most interesting and cool to see, to me.

We have a bunch of Bold Jumping spiders around and in our house.  Yes, I said “in”.  Bold Jumping Spiders tend to leave humans alone, but they do a good job at eating other pests that tend to be food for Brown Recluse spiders.  The more the Bold Jumpers eat, the less likely we are to have Brown Recluses, so I leave them be.  I have even convinced my husband that they are good to have around.  We have one that likes to hang around in the window in our dinette, one that keeps our laundry room safe, and one that hangs outside on our front windows.  The one in the pictures below was found hanging on silk outside our side door.

The other day, the one that hangs outside our front window had just caught a moth.  The weirdo in me decided to take pictures.  lol

I don’t think he was happy with me for interrupting his meal, or he thought I was going to steal it, b/c every time I moved to take another picture he would turn the other direction to avoid me.

Tonight my husband was working in his shop.  Earlier this evening he had opened one of the overhead doors and the walkthrough door to air it out.  He had been using brake cleaner earlier and there was A LOT of fumes in the shop when I put my chicks away, who sleep in there, and it wasn’t safe for them.  He left it open while we were eating dinner.  We live in the middle of nowhere, who’s going to go in there anyway?

Well, someone did.  He was making himself right at home.  It was when he decided to take a trip across my husband’s feet is when he was kicked out.  It was a gigantic wolf spider.  I’m not sure what type exactly, I just know it was HUGE!  The body, yes…just the body…was the length of a quarter.  The legs were, well, enormous.  Take a look for yourselves.

Looks innocent enough, right??  Uh huh.

Oh my god!  Isn’t it gigantic???

My husband picked it up in a small container to put it in a bucket.  On the way, he pretended to throw it at me.  I nearly had a heart attack and about peed my pants.

I really hope we get a Golden Orb Weaver spider around our house.  I think they are so neat in pictures.

They also spin the most amazing webs!

I believe both of those spiders were Golden Orb Weavers, but I have yet to see one so I’m not sure.  I can’t wait, though!


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