Good boy!

My dogs are scared of cows.  A small section of our back yard backs up to our neighbor’s cow pasture.  Every once in a while the cows make it up there.  Every time the dogs see the cows, they get the hiccups and stop dead in their tracks.  They sit there for hours in the grass watching the cows.  It’s rather funny.

Then, Olive decided to go explore in their pasture.  We don’t like our dogs to go over there.  For one thing, it isn’t our property, and another thing is that if they were to get hurt (stepped on or kicked by a cow, bit by a snake, etc) we wouldn’t know about it if they couldn’t get back home.  Simon doesn’t like to be scolded, so he was a good boy and stayed on our property.  He just sat and watched in the direction that his sister took off.

Good boy!


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