New Chicken Coop

My chickens are getting a wonderful new permanent coop, thanks to my husband.  The work started today.  My biggest chickens are getting big (14wks) and they really need it.  My oldest hen will be laying soon, so we need to get them acclimated to their new coop before she does so she lays her eggs in the laying boxes instead of in their brooder box or in the woods or yard.

We decided to put it on the side of our house, close to where the biggest chickens are currently being kept.  It is next to an Ash tree, and gets a lot of afternoon shade from the house.

You can see the location of the coop in relation to our house. You can also see the brooder, which is the big chickens current home, on our front porch. Huge difference in size, and I think they will love it!

When the coop is finished, it will look something similar to this coop:

 I can’t wait until it is finished!  I plan to paint the trim white, like in the above picture, with the main part of the coop being a brown (instead of red) and the doors and window covers being a light sky blue.  It will also have a little chicken door in the side of the run for them to go into the yard.  We will keep the door from the coop to the run open, so they can come out when they wake up and go into the run, and then I can just open the door from the run to the yard when I get up a bit later.  They will only be confined to the run when we go out of town (so it is easier for our neighbors to take care of them) or if the weather is really bad.  Otherwise they free range all day long.

Once the coop is built, our medium chickens (9wks) will move into the coop also.  They are currently sleeping in my husband’s shop in a brooder (which they are quickly outgrowing) along with our smallest chickens.  The smallest chickens (7wks) will be moved into the brooder on the front porch until they are big enough to be put in with the biggest chickens.  At the moment, they are too small and our biggest chickens could easily kill them.  We don’t want that.  😉

We’re getting there!


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