14 Days of Beauty – Days one and two

My sister-in-law started doing 14 Days of Beauty on her Facebook page.  She was tired of all of the negativity she saw on Facebook everyday and decided to do her part to change that.  So, every day, for 14 days, she is going to find, take a photo, and post a picture of something she finds beautiful.  She has inspired me to do the same.

Yesterday I posted this picture as my “Day One”.  It is a picture of my clean kitchen.  I have a tendency to not do well at keeping it clean, and yesterday it happened to be perfectly clean.  I thought it was beautiful.

This is my Day of Beauty – Day Two picture.  It’s of a cat yawn.  I love my cats, and I find them beautiful, especially their yawn which can look deceiving in a picture because they look like they are mad or growling.  This is Thomas.  We rescued him and his brother Walter when they were 7 months old after being bounced around through 4 other homes in that short time before we got them.  We couldn’t have asked for better cats.  They are so sweet and loving.  It took Thomas almost 6 months of living with us to fully trust us, and I think to realize that we weren’t going to just bounce him to the next house and that he wasn’t going anywhere.  He is here to stay.  ♥


2 thoughts on “14 Days of Beauty – Days one and two

  1. Way to go Kara! I love the photo of Thomas and am looking forward to the next 28 days of Beauty on your blog!

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