Our new family member

A week ago today an adorable tiny cat showed up on our front porch.  At first I thought it was a boy, but the next day I realized it was a girl…and probably had a litter of kittens around here somewhere.  Since she was SOOOO thin, I didn’t think it would hurt anything to feed her.  I honestly didn’t think we would ever see her again.

Boy was I wrong.  Apparently she has now adopted us.  She lives on our front porch almost all day now.  I think the only time she leaves is to go feed her babies, which she has stashed somewhere down the road.  We had chicken stir fry yesterday, and I gave her a big piece of the chicken scraps.  She was a good mama and carried it back to them.  Otherwise, she is always there to greet us when we go outside.  She is very friendly, and loves to be petted and purrs up a storm, but doesn’t like to be picked up.  She is also not a huge fan of our dogs.

Isn’t she cute?  She has put on some weight since we’ve been feeding her regularly.  We’ve been calling her Hazel.  🙂


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