Our guard spider / 14 Days of Beauty – Day Eleven

Today is a combo post.  I know most people may not agree with me, but I think bugs are cool and most are really pretty.  I take pictures of them all the time and post them on my Facebook page.  There are a LOT of really beautiful bugs here in Missouri, ones that we didn’t have in Nebraska.

We have a spider that builds a web on our front porch every night.  By morning, he/she has taken it down, but builds it again the next night.  I have no idea what type of spider it is (if anyone has an idea, please tell me), but it is big…around an inch and a half long.  Update…it is a Neoscona crucifera Orb Weaver. It builds the most beautiful webs.  I wish I could get a good picture of its web.  So intricate and delicate.  Since it only builds at night, it is hard for me to get a picture of it.

Last night I went to pet our little visitor, and I checked to see if the spider was there again.  It was, and it had a Dobson Fly in its web.  To give you an idea, that Dobson Fly is around 3″ long.  My husband played lighting crew for me (held a flashlight on it so my camera could focus on it haha) so I could get some pictures of it.

I got a couple glimpses of the web in these next pics. 


2 thoughts on “Our guard spider / 14 Days of Beauty – Day Eleven

  1. uhk. I dont know if I should squeal like a school girl & run or grab a big book and throw at the monitor! Holy muffin cups lady!!!!

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