Oh boy…….

I knew our new friend Hazel had kittens out there somewhere, I just didn’t know where she was hiding them.  I figured she would bring them around once she felt comfortable enough.  Last night she showed up with two babies.  A little black and white boy, and a calico girl.  I thought, okay sure.  We can handle that.  We went to Sams today and got some food for them.  Yeeeaaaahhhh………….

Tonight I put my chickens away in my husband’s shop, and as I was coming out I saw Hazel prancing down our driveway….with seven (no I didn’t stutter, I said 7) kittens following behind her.  Wait, what??

It took them a long while to get brave enough to come onto the porch.  When they finally did, I realized that she has two litters with her.  The two from yesterday were older, and the ones she brought today are TEENY TINY little balls of fluff.  In all, she has two girls and five boys.  The older ones are pretty skittish, but the little ones are really friendly.  They love to be held and petted and crawl all over me when I sit on the ground.

So…I guess we have inherited seven kittens along with our new cat.  Does anyone want a kitten?  They are really cute!!  I’ll be trying to find homes for them once they get old enough, and hopefully be getting Hazel spayed.

Here are some pictures…  (Please ignore the water hose, I was lazy and left it out when I cleaned the chicken poop off the porch a couple of days ago.)

Hazel in front, kits behind her, far back left is one of the older kits

Hazel in front, older kits behind her, little kits to the right

Babies around the water bowl

The older calico, she is gorgeous but skittish

The girl (right) and one of the boys sleeping in the cat bed on the porch

One of the baby boys

The little girl. Size comparison with a standard water hose. Aren't they tiny??


4 thoughts on “Oh boy…….

  1. Completely adorable! I love the little squeak of kittens.
    P.S. I laughed at the first photo…you always sat like that back in HS when we were practicing music too!

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