Tonight we ate some of our home-grown chicken for the first time.  Since our chickens free range all day long and eat a lot of vegetation and bugs, I was afraid they would taste really gamey.

It was delicious, though!  We grilled the breasts and the legs and thighs, with a barbecue rub on them.  Yum!!  I think that since they all have free access to high quality chicken feed during the day, and they eat quite a bit of it, that it kept the gamey taste down.  It was tender and juicy.  I was pleasantly surprised.

As I have said before, we are trying to get away from boxed meals and side dishes.  One of our favorite ones was Pasta-Roni, so tonight we attempted to recreate it on our own.  We made it with angel hair pasta, butter, olive oil, garlic, red onion, black pepper and basil.  It turned out perfect, and tasted exactly like the boxed version!  We didn’t even have a recipe.  I was impressed with my husband’s skills in creating his own dish.

All in all, our meal was awesome!


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