Our nightly walks

Recently, my husband and I started taking a walk late each night.  We get some exercise, but mostly we like to take the dogs with us and get them some exercise also.  Weather and predator permitting (we don’t like to go if we can hear coyotes out there) we walk from our house, down the road to the highway, and back.  In total, it is about 3/4 of a mile there and back.

Tonight we got down to the highway and my husband checked the mailbox in case anything was in it.  We have a PO Box, so we don’t usually get anything, but tonight we had a phone book and a newspaper type ad.  We went to turn around to walk back home and I see something small running toward us.  It was Hazel, our new little stray cat!  She followed us all the way there!  I gave her a quick pet, and then we started to go back home.  She walked with us.  Her poor short legs didn’t allow her to keep up with us very well, but she did her best.  We slowed down for her every once in a while.

I thought it was so cute that she would follow us all the way there and back.  She is a very smart and loving cat.  I think she is amazing.  Thank you for joining our family Hazel!  ♥


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