Cricket is my Silver Laced Polish Crested chicken.  She was the only one that we got purposefully to be a pet.  We had to hand raise her for a week or two shortly after we got her b/c the two other chicks we got at the same time died.  She became very attached to me.  Now, she follows me around the yard and climbs up and sits in my lap.

When she was a chick, she would cuddle in my hair and sleep behind my ear while I would sit on the sofa and watch tv.  Even now, she sits on my shoulder and nuzzles my hair and coos.  it’s really cute.  Today she was sitting on my shoulder, when all of a sudden she climbed on top of my head.  Now, every time she gets on my shoulder she goes right to the top of my head.  LMAO!!  She is such a funny girl!  Full of such sass and attitude, but such a great personality.

Silly girl!


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