Our first roaster

We butchered two of the boys yesterday evening (we ran out of daylight, so we couldn’t do all three at once).  It was the first time we dunked them in hot water to loosen the feathers for plucking.  That worked great!  We were able to dress a whole chicken for roasting for the first time!  It turned out really nice.  I can’t wait to roast it. It will be on our menu plan for next week.


2 thoughts on “Our first roaster

  1. Im impressed, looks just like a store bought chicken….for some reason i had a mental image of it looking……yucky. Way to go, you guys are really catching on to this country living style. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

    • Thanks! We’re getting the hang of it little by little. Even with each chicken we butcher we’re doing a better job every time. Someday you have to come down and we can have a chicken dinner. 🙂

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