New babies!!

We got the call this afternoon.  Our chicks had arrived at the post office, and they wanted us to come pick them up…now.  LOL  We got there as quick as we could, and when we walked into the lobby with the post office boxes we could already hear them cheeping!  We get inside, and we asked the lady that works at the post office if she wanted us to take them off her hands, and she said “I’m just glad they weren’t here all day!”  haha

We ordered them from Meyer Hatchery, and they came in a nice sturdy box, in which they were separated into two groups.  We ordered 16 new hens and 9 broilers.  One of our broilers arrived DOA.  Poor little thing.  😦  Everyone else seems to be doing great so far with some vitamins and a bit of sugar in their water.

The hens that we ordered are four Buff Orpingtons, four Barred Rocks, four Speckled Sussex, and four Ameraucanas.  I love that we are going to have such a diverse flock!  They join our current flock of six Welsummers, one purebred Polish Crested, two Ameraucana/Polish Crested crosses, and a Cochin/Ameraucana cross.

Here are some pics of our new babies.  They are so cute and fluffy and soft.  For the first couple weeks they are in a giant cardboard box in our spare bedroom so we can keep an eye on them and the temperatures so they stay warm.  It is going to be fun to watch them grow up.

(The light yellow ones are the broilers, the darker yellow ones are the Buff Orpingtons, the black ones are the Barred Rocks, and the brown ones are the Speckled Sussex and the Ameraucanas.  I’m not sure which are which at this point, once they get older I will be able to tell them apart.) 


2 thoughts on “New babies!!

  1. They are just too cute!!!!! but if gerame is in the mood….you guys could have chicky nuggets for supper…lol (just kidding!!!)
    Love ya and miss ya!

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