Have you seen this chicken??

This evening at around 6:00 it looked like it was going to rain, but I wasn’t too worried about it.  We’ve had thunderstorms before, and all of our animals have fared through them just fine.  We checked the radar like we always do and we figured we would just get a little rain.

At 6:45 I was out on the front porch when all of a sudden, out of nowhere the wind picked up and a storage container that was sitting right next to the side of our house went blowing halfway across the front porch.  The wind was SOOO strong!  Our chickens came running onto the porch (we have a full length covered porch) but one of them wasn’t with them. Cricket was missing.  I started to look for her, but a torrential downpour started so I had to stop.

It rained heavily for about an hour.  I was busy doing something else, but at 8:00 my husband went to look for the bucket that blew away, which at that point could no longer be seen.  He found it down the road, quite a ways away.  He came to tell me that he still couldn’t find Cricket.  It was at that point that we started a search party.

We looked for her for almost an hour, and most of the time it was in the dark.  We looked all over our yard and into our woods.  We thought we heard her call a few times, but never did find her.  We ended up just putting the rest of the chickens into the coop and hoped she would show up in the morning.

She is my favorite chicken and I hope we find her tomorrow.  If she is out there, I hope she stays warm tonight.  It is wet and cold out there.  Poor Cricket!!


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