Our best butcher yet

I think we finally have this butchering thing down.

We butchered our last rooster this morning.  He was our biggest one.  We have our process down, and have learned how to pluck easily.  Getting a pot of water up to at least 150 degrees, then submerging the chicken and swishing it around until the feathers on the legs can be easily rubbed off with a stick. Today we didn’t have to put any effort into removing the feathers, they just came right off when we ran our hand across them.  Much easier than the last birds we did.

He ended up being really fat.  lol  He was a pig and ate a lot of food.  In the end he dressed out as a 4lb roaster.  Not bad!!


4 thoughts on “Our best butcher yet

  1. How does such a big chicken taste? And a fresh chicken looks so different from a nasty store bought chicken!

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