Yesterday we picked up four adorable ducklings to add to our flock.  They are Ancona ducks, which are related to Runner ducks (actually they are a mix of a Runner and a Belgian duck).  They are SOOO cute!!  One is 4 weeks old, one is 3 weeks old, and two are 4 days old.  I think we got 3 females and one male (one of the youngest ones), but I’m not exactly certain yet.  The reason I think we have one boy is because male ducks have a deeper, raspier voice, and one of the little ones has a deeper crackly quack.  “He” is too young to really tell, though.  Once they are all around 7 weeks old we will be able to tell for sure.

It ended up that we got them from the same person we got our Polish Crest chicken named Cricket from.  I didn’t realize that until we pulled up to her house.  Two of the chicks we got from her died within 24 hours of bringing them home, and all of the chicks she had there this time looked terrible also, but the ducks looked healthy.  One of the small ones was pretty lethargic yesterday, but I gave him a drop of baby vitamins and put some Sav-a-chick and vitamins in their drinking water, and he is nice and perky today!

The two babies didn’t meet the older two until we put them in the carrier to bring home, and the people we got them from suggested to keep them apart for fear of them getting trampled, but they all get along wonderfully.  They groom each other, and they all cuddle up together.  The little ones follow the biggest one around like she is their mother.  It’s really cute!

They also seem to have imprinted on me already.  They get really upset if they can’t see us, whereas all of the chicks we had couldn’t care less if we were there or not.  If I sit on the floor they will all come over and climb on me and fall asleep.  ♥♥♥

Here are some pictures.  I hope you think they are as cute as we do!