A Wonderful Sight

The sun is a powerful and wonderful thing.  Sometimes it amazes me with what it can do.  One of those things is sun bleaching.  It has amazing antibacterial properties and can remove the stains from almost anything.  It even works when it is cloudy out, but a bright sunny day is better.

I sun bleach my dish towels all the time, and lately I have been sunning my new-to-me cloth diapers.  I bought some used prefolds from a diaper service in my hometown, and most of them came with pretty heavy stains.  With the help of the sun and a little lemon juice, all of the stains are completely gone and my diapers look brand new again!  They smell wonderful also!

The best thing is that I didn’t have to use a ton of nasty chemicals or lots of grunt work and arm strength to scrub the stains out!  You can’t beat that!


My first serging project

I got a serger for Christmas a couple years ago, but I was scared to use it, and then we got busy with putting our house on the market and moving to a different state, so I never got around to even taking it out of the box.  Well, I decided that it was time that I did.

As I mentioned before, I plan to use cloth diapers on our foster children.  Doublers and inserts for them can be expensive, so I figured I could just make some since I already have the fabric that I would need.  I have a bunch of yellow minky, and a thin white terry cloth towel that we got in a set from Sams.

I cut them into 4×12 and 3.5×11 pieces, and serged them together.  I made 4 of each size with one layer of minky and one layer of terry, and 3 of each with one layer of minky and two layers of terry.

The first one I made isn’t super pretty, but it should still work.
Here is my second one, which turned out much better.  It looks all wonky, but it really isn’t.
Here’s a bunch of them.  I still have 3 left to do, but I ran out of thread.  From left to right:
3 layer large, 2 layer large, 2 layer small, 3 layer small
Hopefully they work!  🙂

My Mother-in-Law ROCKS!!

She really does!  I love her!

I am allergic to a lot of soaps.  Most of them give me a rash, especially ones that I use on my hands, so I have to be really picky on the soaps that I use.  A couple of years ago I found a dish soap that I can use without a problem and I love it.  The problem is, I can’t find it anywhere down here.  The only place I’ve found it is at Whole Foods back in Omaha, and now I’m down to the last bit in my current bottle.  😦

Last Friday I asked my Mother-in-Law if she would mind stopping by there to pick me up a bottle (she works just down the street) and sending it to me.  By the next day TWO bottles were on their way to me.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The UPS guy delivered them to my doorstep this morning.  I am eternally grateful, and I owe her.  😉  My Father-in-Law is awesome also, b/c he included a newspaper for us to read, along with the comics!!  Love you too, Dem!  🙂 Thank you guys so much!  I’m so lucky to have such great in-laws.

The best dish soap ever!