Happy Birthday to You!

Today was my husband’s 36th birthday.  He’s OLD now!  haha!

For dinner I made a BLT pasta salad with grilled chicken.  It also has green onion and ranch dressing in it.  It was REALLY good!!

Then, after dinner we had a cake that I baked today.  My husband picked it out, and he wanted plain white cake with whipped white frosting.  It turned out perfect, and was OH SO good!!

Make a wish!!

I hope he had a great, relaxing birthday, and hopefully this year is a good one for him!  🙂  I love you honey!!


So Proud

My husband has decided that he wants to set a good example for our son, so he is going to go to college.  He will going to Ozark Technical College and is getting an associate degree in Design and Drafting Technologies.  He’ll do a great job, and I think the degree he chose is perfect for him.  I support him 100 percent, and I’m so proud of him.