How we got here

My husband and I both grew up in Omaha, NE.  We spent our whole lives living in the city and up until recently we were both content with that.  A couple years ago my husband tossed out the idea of moving to the country.  The main reason being that he owns his own company and he would like to put it on our own property to cut down on overhead costs.  At first it was just a pipe dream, but last year out of nowhere we decided to put our house on the market and see if it sold.

We put it on the market in July of 2010.  In December, we were in the process of firing our 2nd crappy sellers agent, when all of a sudden a buyers agent knocked on our door during the week after Christmas.  We didn’t have a sign in our yard, but she just remembered our house from the listings and she thought she’d ask if we were still selling it and would be willing to show it…right away.  Her clients were from out of town and needed to look at it before they left.  I picked up a bit and they looked around.  They came back again a few days later for a second look.  We had an offer shortly after the new year.  SOLD!  Closing was set for March 15th.  We had to hurry and find a new house!

We looked just about everywhere, but decided to focus on the Ozark Mountains area around Springfield and Branson, MO which is about 400 miles/7 hours from our families.  We had already been looking down there and liked what we saw.  Our agent was wonderful, and she found a few houses for us along with the ones we picked out.  We spent a couple days looking, and weren’t too optimistic with what we saw.  The VERY last house we were scheduled to look at, which was a house our agent picked for us, was the winner.  We loved it the very minute we walked in.  We just knew.  We ended up staying down here an extra day so we could put in an offer.  After a couple counter offers, they accepted.

Our house

We live about a half an hour from Branson, MO out in the country in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forest.  Our house has a fantastic view of the Ozark Mountains.

Our view

In the mornings I like to sit on the patio that faces our view, drinking my coffee and watching my chickens.  Yep, I got some chickens!  We have a small flock of seven chicks who are now 6 weeks old.  They are so much fun to watch!  They each have their own personalities and quirks.

Since we moved here we also got two Australian Shepherd puppies.  They are siblings, a boy and a girl.  Their names are Simon and Olive.  They are very sweet but ornery as all get out.  Turn your back for two seconds and they are off into the neighbor’s cow pasture behind our property.  Hopefully they will eventually be guard dogs for our chickens.  They do pretty well with them so far.



We also have 3 indoor cats that love it down here.  We were worried about how they would adjust, but they did fine right away.  Nora is 3 years old, and Walter and Thomas are brothers who are 1 year old.  They love watching the chickens and all the other critters outside, and they love it when a moth or other bugs are let into the house so they can catch them.




The main reason we moved down here was to put my husband’s company on our property.  Almost all of his business is done over the internet, so it didn’t matter where we ended up.  As long as he has a big shop to put all of his equipment in.  He mainly makes parts for radio controlled rock crawlers, although he can make just about anything, and he makes them on a CNC mini mill and a lathe.  His company is if you want to check it out.  😉  His shop is close to our house, which is nice so he can come in for lunch or whatever else really easily.  He loves it!

My husband’s shop

Some day we’d like to get a cow to breed so we can have milk and raise the calves for meat.  Hopefully next year I’d like to have a big garden to grow fruits and vegetables, and also to grow Amaranth for chicken feed.  We would like to be as self sufficient as we possibly can eventually.  That will take some time, though.

So far, we all absolutely LOVE living here.  I wouldn’t go back to living in a city if you paid me.  I can’t wait to see what adventures we get ourselves into.


2 thoughts on “How we got here

  1. Okay, I confess: I’ve been reading your blog all night without commenting. I found it fascinating that complete strangers could have so much in common! HOWEVER, I’m only commenting to let you know that raw amaranth is very, very bad for your birds. I only know this because that was my plan, too! Alas, it was shot down by a little research. *sigh* The research told me that I need some very specific ingredients unless they free ranged enough to get plenty of protein on their own. Okay! Sorry to pop in like this but I figured I would have wanted someone to tell me. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! I agree, I think it is funny that we all have so much in common and don’t even know it.

      My chickens do free range a lot, from sun up to sun down, every day. They pretty much cover our 1.5 acre of mowed “yard” and our 1/2 acre of woods every day. They are definitely good pest control. I honestly don’t even know if I will even grow Amaranth anymore. It was something I read about on someone else’s blog, and she feeds her chickens with the Amaranth she grows. It sounded awesome at the time! 🙂

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