We get the most beautiful sunsets down here, better than any I saw when we lived in the city.  Maybe it is because our view is better, I don’t know.  I just know what I love it!  I did NO editing to these photos, other than resizing them!


Beautiful sunrise

This morning when I got up to let the chickens out, the sunrise was so pretty!  I just had to take a couple of pictures of it.  I love living out here!

Guard spider, take two.

I took some better pictures of our guard spider tonight.  I think they turned out awesome, and you can actually see the web this time!  I’m going to try to get better pictures of its belly next time.  If you click on the pictures you can see them full size.

It was getting tired of all the paparazzi so it was running to hide, but I thought this showed the web really well.

Our guard spider / 14 Days of Beauty – Day Eleven

Today is a combo post.  I know most people may not agree with me, but I think bugs are cool and most are really pretty.  I take pictures of them all the time and post them on my Facebook page.  There are a LOT of really beautiful bugs here in Missouri, ones that we didn’t have in Nebraska.

We have a spider that builds a web on our front porch every night.  By morning, he/she has taken it down, but builds it again the next night.  I have no idea what type of spider it is (if anyone has an idea, please tell me), but it is big…around an inch and a half long.  Update…it is a Neoscona crucifera Orb Weaver. It builds the most beautiful webs.  I wish I could get a good picture of its web.  So intricate and delicate.  Since it only builds at night, it is hard for me to get a picture of it.

Last night I went to pet our little visitor, and I checked to see if the spider was there again.  It was, and it had a Dobson Fly in its web.  To give you an idea, that Dobson Fly is around 3″ long.  My husband played lighting crew for me (held a flashlight on it so my camera could focus on it haha) so I could get some pictures of it.

I got a couple glimpses of the web in these next pics. 

14 Days of Beauty – Day Nine

I completely missed a day.  What can I say.

Today my picture is of the sunset we saw today.  It was so beautiful!  The bright red spot coming through the top of the trees on the horizon is the sun.  It went down before I could grab my camera, but it was such a pretty bright red.  The view from our porch isn’t too shabby either.  😉

14 Days of Beauty – Day Six

My picture today is a view on our way home from our weekly grocery shopping.  The trees clear and you can see all the way across the valley.  My picture isn’t the greatest (cell phone), and doesn’t fully show the beauty of it, but you get the idea.  😉 I think everything around here is beautiful.

The beauty of nature